industry – the preset album & book project

industry stefan goldmann new releases for fall 2014

industry (macro m40) – lp, cd, dl, floppy disc

presets – digital shortcuts to sound (the bookworm) – paperback, 200 p.

featuring interviews with cory arcangel, mike daliot, robert henke, dimitar kotev, dinis schemann, tony stevanovsky, michael wagener & members of the korg m1 product development team.

for details please click here.

berghain column: floodlights

the berghain column: stefan goldmann’s july 2014 piece for the flyer program of berlin’s emblematic club institution.


atelier documentary

bnt bulgaria’s national television has filmed a documentary on kink and stefan goldmann for their atelier series. it will be broadcasted on june 29 on bnt2 and bnt world.

mutek 2014

sgstefan goldmann will join the line up at montreal’s mutek / elektra festivals’ 15th anniversary ‘EM15.’

listen to an exclusive podcast mix for mutek here.


signs taken for wonders


stefan goldmann: signs taken for wonders (macro m36) 12″. out march 2014.

also: môme: heading feel – stefan goldmann remix (victoriaville) 12″. out april 2014.




spring 2014 mini mix:

video: click here.

slices interview

feature taken from slices dvd magazine, issue 2-13.

l’estasi dell’oro

lesl’estasi dell’oro: iscariotic lips / reverse & repair (macro m35)

written & produced by christopher ernst, mixed and edited by stefan goldmann.

out on february 24, 2014.

as heard on npr US national radio – recommended dose.